Friday, Day 0, Bread and Nonsense

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Fourteen active cases, twelve in hospital.

I'm having a second go at making bread, the bathroom is done, and I have made zero programming progress last night. We installed some more stuff that we need to make the User Interface.

The bathroom ended up on the heftier side of a three-figure purchase. Bills all paid. Next on my agenda - working firkin DOORS. That shouldn't cost much, so I'm putting my funds towards the editing of Adapting. That's gonna cost a honk, but also increase my chances of professional publishing. Huzzah.

In the news:

  • China's strategy to economically choke Australia by not buying out iron ore backfires
  • Muppet demands China hand over $10 TRILLION dollars
  • The conspiracy theory about the lab origin of the plague has risen from the grave
  • US Expat confused by Aussie's habit of three cheers at birthdays. Beats the fuck out of physical abuse, mate
  • Cookies and Cream ice cream may contain rubber fragments
  • Aldi introduces self-serve checkouts

I shall be measuring ingredients, and then writing up a very special Your Votes At Work with the after photos. Amongst other things.