Challenge #03041-H118: Tactile Therapy

The ship's human is a former deregger still recovering from the horrors they endured. They often awakened in the middle of the night shaking and afraid. The companion liaison decided to do something about it and got the human a gift. A weighted blanket, and a soft, cuddly, comfort item that they, even though they were an adult, could cling to when they started to get lost in their own head. This fierce protector that helped the ship, and was an incredibly brilliant engineer, sometimes needed another's protection after all. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: Weighted blankets are fine for sleeping under, but not that great for hauling around. I know this because I've had to carry a few. Also, fun fact: The weighted part and the outside cover can and should be separable, so I'm working with that feature]

Fact: Deregger expatriates are the most broken of the available Ships' Humans. Fact: They are also the most protective and wary. Fact: Those who have been hurt... are the kindest. All of these were true for Human Shel.

According to the records, Shel chose her name after rescue. She was one of the many rescues who didn't have a name, or recognition as a person, until the Galactics tore her away from the only home she knew. She arrived with the kind of eyes that had seen too much and went too wide in horror, and would never open in any other way again. That look had faded somewhat with safety and therapy, but it remained even so.

Companion Gorx roomed with her, because of the night terrors, the nightmares, and the fact that Shel was just... better with someone on call at all hours. Someone there for her. As a licensed Human Therapist, Gorx had studied the sundry mental injuries of Humanity and was trying an assortment of things to help her Human out.

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