Challenge #02942-H019: A Happy End of a Sad Story

With the adoption of little Bubs that you wrote of back in January, I was wondering, could you tell the Thropori's viewpoint on this incident? You did such an adorable one in Bub's view, but what about the ones that adopted her? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Ten thousand blessings for providing the link, Nonny. May synchronicity always be in your favour]

Medik Taa'nah had always wanted children. Who knew that the Dereggers had plenty that they didn't truly want? The revelation was equal parts horrifying and hopeful for others like her around the Alliance. But that came much later. She had tried to remain professional, but no plan ever survives first contact...

She had heard the alert from the kitchen staff of a wild human found in the food stores. Not a surprise, since they'd stopped at a Deregger station. She expected an adult. Desperate, wild-eyed, unbelieving, and untrusting all at once. She did not expect a tiny scrap, starving and filthy, borne in the arms of two kitchen technicians.

Human Bub was like most Deregger ex-patriots. Cautious. Softly-spoken. Monoverbal, at least in the beginning. Uncertain of where she stood. Taa'nah couldn't not adopt Bub as her own. She got the little girl clean, dressed, and treated for all of her woes. Which were a multitude of nutritional deficiencies and the consequences of extreme neglect.

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