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Challenge #03437-I149: Diminished Responsibility Reformation

A young Knomira who had been spoiled their entire life by their parentals is incarcerated and in therapy. What did they do? Doesn't matter right now. What does matter is helping them realize their path in this life was self-destructive. It didn't help the parentals were one step to getting themselves incarcerated if they didn't stop harassing the therapy center. -- Anon Guest

"You can't do this to me! I know my rights!" There was nothing to throw, and the isolation environment had padded walls, so Des was left with screaming himself hoarse at the person on the other side of the clear wall. It had been quite the performance for several days in a row.

Therapist Kash waited patiently to see if there was any further diatribe. When there wasn't one, he said, "Very good. Now tell me the associated responsibilities."

Utter confusion. "What?"

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Challenge #03047-H124: Free Time

"Human, you don't need to sleep every night outside of my door. This station is quite safe."

The human, looking upon the galactic while they sat upright in a chair, their lifesuit programmed to hold them in that position even if they fell fast asleep. "Two weeks ago my mother and I were dying dereggers. You saved us, I will protect you." -- Anon Guest

Humans, among many other qualities, are illogical. Those rescued from Deregger space have the worst logic. It's

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Challenge #02942-H019: A Happy End of a Sad Story

With the adoption of little Bubs that you wrote of back in January, I was wondering, could you tell the Thropori's viewpoint on this incident? You did such an adorable one in Bub's view, but what about the ones that adopted her? -- Anon Guest

[AN: Ten thousand blessings for providing the link, Nonny. May synchronicity always be in your favour]

Medik Taa'nah had always wanted children. Who knew that the Dereggers had plenty that they

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Challenge #02588-G031: Find-a-Family

He had stolen a lot of items before he was caught. He wasn't a pirate, he didn't go raiding ships, but they treated him nearly as badly as if he had been one. He would sneak aboard stations with lax standards, swipe small but expensive items from cargo holds that were in the process of loading, and escape. Problem is, all thieves get caught sooner or later. And a teenager like him, homeless and no longer caring, didn't normally have a future

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