Challenge #02642-G085: The Honest Mood

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"tbqh idfk"

leaves -- Anon Guest

[AN: OP, I had to leave the link out because this is a mostly-PG exercise of mine and fetish-adjacent material is not safe for any minors who may have wandered in.]

Human Jor spoke in abbreviations. This caused some trouble for the crew she was Ship's Human for, but on the up side, she also provided a phrasebook. Simple words like "yes" or "no" became tonal grunts. Human Jor had a set of initials or a shorthand for everything.

The simple bonding query of, "How is your day," or, "What is the mood," got answers like, "Sasidida," or, "Snafu." Though there were other times when an actual word would be employed. Those were rare and therefore treasured. Getting a word out of Human Jor was an accomplishment.

There were entire days when Human Jor only uttered incomprehensible gargles of frustration. Despite all this, Human Jor was effective in her communications and bonded well with her shipmates. Vocal intonations and concatenations of seemingly random sounds, in concert with efficient gestures, could deliver a lot of information.

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