I might be fucked, IDK

My headache got so excruciating during yesterday that I took the ibuprofen-paracetamol combo and now I'm SUPER paranoid about whether or not I or anyone in the family could be infected.

Worse news - the cyclone headache is edging back into my awareness.

If I hold out for as long as possible and keep my distance from everyone in the world and be paranoid about avoiding outside contact, I might be able to avoid the Plague. I hope. I pray.

I really hope the cyclone headache goes away with the weather when the weather hits. Meanwhilst, I am going to have to talk to people about cash-free payments for services and keeping track of the money I spend by card because spending by card is my firkin kryptonite.

Sigh. We all have to adapt to the Plague Crisis... and working on epayments is part of that adaptation. Therefore, I am spending as little as possible.

We're starting to run out of stuff and a shopping run is going to be in the cards. We need cat food. We're out of cream. We probably need fabric to make the dang homemade masks that are the latest wall in the way of spreading the Plague because apparently breathing is another way it spreads. Joy.

All we can do is be as careful as we can.

Meanwhile in the Ivory Towers, all our fucking leaders refuse to stop shaking hands. What. The. Fuck. The one thing you are the most NOT supposed to do during the fucking plague. And then they have the nerve to act surprised when they test positive for the gotdang Plague.


Their reality check firkin bounced. Yipes.

There's even a lovely shot of ScoMo going for a handshake against the NSW leader lady [forgot her name] and her pulling away with a WTF expression on her face. It's gold. She is, in that captured instant, wondering if our chief elected idiot has completely lost his marbles or if he's just permanently without his faculties.

Anyway, I can't really begin with today's nonsense until I do the story, so I'd better rattle on with that.

Enough bitching. Let's have fun.