Further and further into the weeds...

Officials are telling us to act as if we're already sick. The USA is ordering body bags instead of ventilators. Of course the idiots in charge over there are proposing "biggest disaster first" spot-treating the outbreaks.

There's increasing evidence that wearing masks will curb the spread if everyone wears a mask when they go out and they use all the other social distancing protocols.

People who are looking after the sick are dying. Elon Musk bought a bunch of CPAP machines and donated them as ventilators. Alas, CPAP machines spread the virus because of how they work. I'm not saying the two are related, but... it's not good that ignorance is making things worse.

I cough and sneeze a LOT, so wearing a mask when I'm out makes sense for me. Plus it helps keep everyone around me calm when the inevitable Seasonal Death Cough strikes.

Some teachers I know are being told they won't be going back to work for the rest of the year. We have electronic courses abounding for students with internet and now the highlight is on the students who don't have the internet.

They're 3D-printing face shields for hospital workers and that should work well to help protect them. Hopefully it'll stop the spread to them, and therefore to everyone they know.

Mayhem is getting a mask whether he likes it or not. He's already said that he's not wearing it until the law makes him. Miss Chaos is relatively eager to have hers, and we have more than enough material to make loads of these shits, so... We're going to. We're also considering handing them out to whomever. There's no reason why plenty shouldn't be shared.

Though, all things considered, the opportunity to share may well be after the crisis is over. We're still going to make them. Because a sanity project to help other people is also a good deed. Good deeds firkn count in these times.

Onwards to today's adventure.