Challenge #02491-F301: The Human Definition

Trying to help humans better integrate into Galactic Civilization, several individuals, scholars, medics, psychologists, ect, get together and begin to travel to areas where there are lots of humans. Their goal is to write a new manual on human psychology, health - both mental and physical, how to interact with humans, to debunk misconceptions about humans, etc. Amongst the team are, in fact, several humans to help. Their job is to help the Galactics separate fact from assumption and write a comprehensive manual that will increase understanding and better help those who still had trouble working with this seemingly insane race. Including possibly busting the longest running misconception of all, assuming humans were actually insane. -- DaniAndShali

Of the committee to create the new and improved Manual of Understanding Humans, it was the Humans who were most adamant about rolling back the 'insanity' classification. There was little surprise in that, since being told your entire species is bonkers is definite grounds for annoyance.

Every Human present seemed to be taking it personally, though. "We confess to being Deathworlders," admitted Human Sal. "However, the definition of 'insane'... Insanity is not endemic to the entire species. Many of us, most of us, are perfectly capable of navigating Galactic Society like any other functioning member of that society. We're just like everyone else."

"No other species has a Silly Season," said the Melil Yssa. "No other species has a long and checkered history of chasing material profit in exchange for endangering the potential for life in their own environment. No other species has such a history of enforcing theocratic standards based on very small standards of one holy text. These standards, I might add, fly in the face of other standards, such as that to preserve life."

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