A Lot of Unriddling

So. I tried and failed to make a new map in Roll20. I'm currently seeking help on that one.

I'm trying to at least build some interlinked text in WorldAnvil, with varying degrees of success. Last night, I had a folder with subfolders viewable to anyone. Today... I just have that first page and have to work a little harder to link everything. I'll muddle around with it until I hit Frustration.

I'm making small progress, anyway.

I might even trash some efforts in favour of the new efforts. I'll see how arsed I get later in the day.

Possibly much later in the day.

I have a story to write and some words to add to my novel... and some shenanigans to deploy. I also have a brat to run and a story to write and zero news about my car and...

...at least I have ice cream. Sigh.