Shenanigans Wahey!

So. I think I have a rough handle on Roll20. I shall attempt map-making anon. What I really need to know is how to undo something I don't like. I shall be experimenting as I familiarise myself with the tools there.

I really want to make a campaign for D&D.

I also want to finish some fanfics and today is looking to be the day. Mayhem apparently doesn't have to be anywhere, so I shouldn't have to go very far either. I have a relaxed writing shedule this week in which my output specifications are: something a day. A sentence at minimum.

This leaves me lots of space to work until I reach my Frustration Limit on worldbuilding in Roll20. I may also load up and see how good the tools are there. Mayhem recommends, so I shall certainly have a go.

I am learning whilst doing things today.

May inspiration and synchronicity be my angels.