Challenge #02446-F256: Do No Harm

In her late teens, early 20's, she went into space to learn to be a medic. From the time she was a small child, she had wanted to be someone who saved lives. She was a Lucker with a twist. For though she never won at cards, dice, or at any game she played, when it came to the struggle between life and death, death would always lose. And she had vowed, no matter her patient be a friend or an enemy, death would never win. -- DaniAndShali

I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required... -- Hippocratic Oath.

Allie was obsessed. What she was obsessed with was medicine and medical help. Alliance-wide medicine and medical help. She searched the infonets for all free information on how to help the assembled cogniscent species of the Alliance, and even those who existed in or near the Edge. Every day, she would find something new. Every day, there was something new to know.

Her first rescue happened when she was eight. Her school was on a field trip to a museum to see... something. It was forgotten by her adulthood, but she never forgot the Fethrix woman. As part of the gathering and show, small refreshments were going around. Simpler fare because some of the more resilient Havenworlders were present. Many didn't think twice about the nuts on the cupcakes, but Allie did. When the Fethrix woman began to have a reaction, Allie knew exactly what it was and how to administer the correct medication. That was the day she knew she was going to be a Medik.

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