I did my usual stunt with sequential numbering. Some posts in other places will not have that fixed and frankly, chasing it all down is a pain in my patoochus.

Later archive trawlers will have something to point at and go, "Ah! Ah!" at.

Also in my sucky salad this morn was a nightmare in which the kitties (a) got out and (b) got hit by a neighbours' car. Pippi came home in that dream. Jolie... didn't. Thank the Powers it was only a dream.

This morning, being a Sunday, I have few further plans than writing my Instant and maybe some faffing around.

I'm more or less fasting today, having rid my house of the tempting carbs, and will get myself noms when the hunger calls me.

Right now?

Right now I have two hungry cats who are bugging me for their noms.