Challenge #01027-B295: One Terrifying Adventure in a Hidden Bunker

Person #1: Was this place built on an old well, or a burial ground or something?

Person #2: No [Person #1], weren't you paying attention? This whole mess is the result of somebody bringing Nazi Magitech back from WW2 Germany instead of burninating it like any sane person would. -- RecklessPrudence

"Ooooh," cooed Kevin. "So that's why everything is all over swastikas and lightning bolts, right?"

"Eeeh," Allie shrugged. "Sort of. My research indicates that the artefact kind'a possessed the interior decorator when this facility was being built. It's why some of the lightning in the murals spells 'help me'."

Kevin, of course, stopped to look. "Ooooooohhh..."

Heaven protect her from easily-distracted Luckers. Allie snagged him by his collar and dragged him onwards. "We have a mutated attempt at an ubersoldier that is also hungry for our flesh, Kevin. I need your luck with me at all times."

"Oh. Oh right. Yeah." Kevin chuckled. "Would you believe I forgot about that?"

"Please try to stay focussed, Kevin?"

"What are we doing again?"

Allie tried - very hard - to resist the impulse to smack him upside the head. "We're going into the core of this facility and neutralising the artefact. Containing it so we can throw it into the nearest active volcano before it can set off the Yellowstone cauldera."

"Isn't that overdue?"

"Yes. And there's some very solid magics trying to keep it that way. I'm on the side of humanity. Aren't you?"

"Oh. Yeah. Right. Sorry. I think something in this place is getting to me."

Allie sighed. Time for Sing Along For Your Soul. "Come on, Kevin. Sing along. Mein Gedanken sind frei/ My thoughts freely flower/ Mein Gedanken sind frei/ My thoughts give me power/ No scholar can map them..." words had power. Poetry had more power. Songs... well. The right song in the right place could stop the overpowering miasma from invading them.

Allie only relaxed a little when she saw the song's influence win out in Kevin's eyes. So far to go, so little time...

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