It's been so long since I went to Hell...

My frelling sleep issues have been acting up. Hello, anxiety. It's been a while since you fucked up my life. Come on in, we're having coffee. little shit...

In brief: woke up at 2AM-ish because I went to bed at 8:30 because I was dog tired because worry.

2AM-ish meant that I would be dog tired AGAIN in the afternoon and I don't need that because I have a firkin physical for insurance's sake, so I did my best to fall asleep and it took an hour.

Woke up dog tired anyway. Fuck my life.

I've had my one coffee of the day and it hasn't done as much for me as I hoped it would. Neither has it done as little for me as it usually does.

What it is going to do is make me pee.

The physical is probably going to eat a majority of my day, so once again, I shall be rushing my novel words in the hope of at least getting a majority done before I must rush off to other things. [Stand on this, stick out that, excrete yadda, does it hurt when bla, tote that barge...]

All this so we can get our financial ducks in a firkin row.

It'd be so much easier if I sold more stuff. Or got more kind contributions from my dear readers. Every retweet and reblog means more potential readers. But I know that the economy has us all in an iron grip.

Everyone's firkin broke.

I have another $50 from Paypal on its slow trip to my bank account. It's a tank of fuel. Or more nibbles for my darlings. Or medicine for my cat. This time, though, it came from earnings from book sales. My writing is supporting us in pinch time. Sort of. At least it's keeping us all going until the next time we have cash.

I've been going super-frugal, knowing we don't have a lot to go about. I shall continue to be so. It's a pain in the arse beyond belief. I've yet to get my hands on Sir Pterry's last novel, and I've been holding out for it for some time. [AND I want hardcover. Time is running out for that. Eeek]

Maybe someone nice will buy me a copy. And while I'm wishing, maybe a Bajillionaire will drop a few million tax-free dollars on me and tell me to have fun with it. [O, the fun I could have... Sigh]

Enough whining. Back to work.