101 reasons to love Steam Powered Giraffe

Before you roll your eyes at me, this is not going to be an enumerated list. You can breathe, now. It's okay.

One Hundred and One is the number of times that I have listened through the Giraffe's most recent album, The Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera. Or just Vice Quadrant for short.

That's two hundred and two hours of music that I have yet to become sick of. Not one song, not one spoken interlude, not one fragment of this double album is wearing thin on me.

It's all gorgeous.

And they have another album coming out in December, co-released with the Image and Form game, Steamworld Heist.

And they have another album coming out that's a collaboration with another Steampunk band, The Cog is Dead.

Three albums. One year. How have they not spontaneously combusted from the inevitable friction? [Not implying there's any strife, anywhere. It's because movement makes friction and friction makes heat. See, the band is moving... so... fast...]


I know for a fact that the band members play as hard as they work, because I see them gaming on their blogs. Or going to cosplay events. Or otherwise being giant cuddly nerds.

Literally giant. The only member of the band under six feet tall is Actual Dragon Steve Negrete at 5'8" [Edit: just checked the bios and Sam "Hatchworth" Luke is 5'10". It's just the Bennett twins who are giants]. I don't count the Walter Workers because, though they're part of the show, they're very rarely part of the music. That might change, so the Penyak sisters are roughly 5'6"-5'7" according to my best guesstimates.

I'm being awfully pedantic today...

If you don't already own a copy of Vice Quadrant, you can order a physical copy from the band's site and wait until it finally turns up on your door. Warning: waiting may cause some angst. OR you can try getting a digital copy from iTunes or Bandcamp. Links helpfully supplied on the relevant merch page.

You can also purchase gift cards for your local, finicky steam-powered nerd. [cough cough hint hint cough cough]