A taste of schadenfreude

The Muppet has been in close vicinity to someone who tested positive to the plague. It's in the White House, and of course all residents and staff are tested daily whilst the rest of the nation can't get anywhere near a test. This man is making it incredibly difficult to avoid crowing in joy at his inevitable downfall.

Of fucking course the extremely annoying orange is refusing to wear a mask or stop getting close to people. Yikes. Shades of Typhoid Mary [who was pretty much forced by circumstance to spread the disease she carried because lack of options. The Muppet has PLENTY of options, but chooses not to take them].

The local news feed has finally admitted that children actually do catch the plague and get some horrible side-effects as a direct result. And as an extra bonus, the plague can also induce pneumonia and meningitis. Cytokene storms abound regardless. There's been one episode of toxic shock in a kid, and I'm now finding out about blood clotting being another party favour from the plague. Then there's the thing about folks turning a corner and improving and then dropping dead.

It's all scary beans.

I do not want to catch this thing.

People are racing for a vaccine, some of them doing several approaches at once. They're doing human trials early and that's very worrying.

On bread news - I messed up and left the slow cooker on "Auto" all night and Beloved was sweet enough to stay up all night to monitor the loaf. It's still cooking, but now I have it set on high. I'm praying it's not a sod. The last step - according to the video I watched, is grilling the top so it's nice and brown.

Thanks to my mistake, the entire loaf is nice and brown [and wrinkled on top] except for the middle. The inside is still unripe, and I'm letting it sit for a couple of hours. Which means I have the time window to work on the other half of the dough.

It's looking like a good dough. Let's hope I can turn at least half of it into good bread.

Meanwhile, I work on a good story.