Challenge #02677-G120: A Mind of Their Own

The war rages, bodies fell left and right, were they man or monster? They do not know, for the the line that separated them blurred centuries ago. -- Anon Guest

Someone, somewhere, is re-inventing the Enlisted Man again. When will they learn, huh? -- Elsyn Flaard comedy routine.

Some creatures, the unethical gengineers argue, are made for battle. With the right tweaks, they could become the most formidable fighting force in Alliance space. Then, they could make the majority decisions, and on and on and on...

It never really works. Let's look at the most recent reason why. It always occurs in a secret lab, because if the CRC got wind of it before it happened, they'd shut that nonsense down before the final flourish on the last signature became committed to the business plan. There are always military-minded souls who honestly believe that might makes right and right makes the rules. They, and the wealthy who believe this might be a good idea, are the driving force.

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