Sunday (Early) Morning

This Friday past, I heard something that I haven't heard for two months. It gave me chills when I realised why it hadn't happened, either.

I heard the neighbourhood dogs having a bark-off. Why they hadn't barked inside of two months was because their people were home and they weren't bored out of their fluffy little minds.

So the people weren't home any more, and hark... the dogs do bark.

I'm going to be hearing that until the next wave hits and we have another lockdown. I will know the exact day that people are scared and feeling confident. I will know exactly when folks are flirting with death by the barking of their dogs.

The news is certainly returning to normal. Celebrities and nip slips and market shenanigans. There's a documentary out about the current plague that 100% buys into the lab conspiracy theory and we did not need that. Now even more idiots are going to buy into it because they saw it in a movie.

Holy shit. Folks. Can you just make one about how best to stay safe in the era of plague and then SHUT UP?! Please?!

Save the conspiracy theories for the tinfoil hat radio, not the damn mainstream cinema. Well. Netflix.

I have had enough of the tinfoil hat crowd making life difficult for real science. Honestly, wilful ignorance is a worse virus than the damn plague.


I should just focus on making a story for you. Let's get on with that.