Wednesday, Wordpress & Date PLNs

I am very tired -_- So tired that I slept until the alarm this morning. The wet weather is getting to me and all I want to do today is Be Blob.

BUT we also need to purchase kitter foods, cream, and probably some other essentials [like our favourite flavour sauces] and that's going to take even more out of me.

I might propose a Grand Day In for date night this evening. Get some ridiculous face masks, order a platter of sushi or two, and then do Home Spa stuff whilst watching ridiculous television. And cuddling. Gotta have them hugs.

It's not like the world outside is particularly fascinating at the moment. It's cold and wet and squishy and some pampering in a nice warm house seems to fit about right for me.

I shall consult.

As for wordpress... head empty, no thoughts, so y'all will get another installment of a Terrible Tiefling Tale. I will not take criticism at this time.

There's been another shooting in the US by a "mad lone wolf" who just co-incidentally quoted Fox News in general and Tucker Carlson in particular. Specifically the spurious replacement narrative that gets the White Is Right mob screeching in terror. Naturally both Fox News and Mr Carlson deny responsibility. And say this is why America Needs More Guns, as well as blaming Biden.


This on top of the kerfuffle surrounding the potential dissolution of Roe V Wade. The one thing that made abortion safe for everyone.

I am so mad at the USA right now. It's like it's on the verge of total collapse, or at least another civil war.

If I want to feel better about my life, I need to not engage with the news. So with that in mind, let's get some fiction going.