Challenge #03425-I137: Explosive War Prevention

Please tell me, father, why we keep going to war? It never works, and all that happens is we lose the ones we love most. -- Anon Guest

"That's the trick of it, my lad," said King Gerhardt. "They also lose the ones they love the most. Make them pay for killing ours, eh? Balance the scales a bit. We must remember the pain they caused us so that we can claim our vengeance."

Prince Ethelbert frowned at the concept as he looked over the battle plan between them. "Remember the atrocity they did to us that justifies the atrocity we are about to do to them? And so on, huzzah[1]?"

King Gerhardt clapped his son on the shoulder. "Exactly right! We may be fighting and endless and pointless war, but our descendants can only justify all of it if we win!" The precision of this statement seemed to slip right past the King, even though he was the one who said it.

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