Wednesday, Wordpress and Unfuckening

I have to clean the catio today or Jolie will pee where no cat should be peeing at all. I shall also make great strides in clearing off the spare bed for Mum's visit over Crimbo. Huzzah.

So of course the Wordpress is where I'm taking a shortcut. Y'all are getting more of the fanficcy version of A Devil's Tale and maybe where this part is in relation to the pro version in progress. I shall have to ponder that.

Maybe a mini-rant about trying to please everyone versus what happens for pure story reasons. I based more of the fanfic version on micro-fictions for the Foundry, and trying to squeeze everything in made the writing experience detrimental.

It's a lesson to learn. A lesson I have learned. And a lesson I really should pass on.

But first I have to do the story thing. So let's get on with that.