Wednesday, Wordpress and PLNs

Beloved surprised me by heading home this morning, so I had to drop everything and scoot. Wheeee.

So now she's here and I've got some lower budget PLNs for fun shared space time together. Which have to wait until I am done with the offerings for the day.

Which are:

  • Wordpress
  • Fediverse meme
  • Tale Foundry entry
  • Daily tale

The prompt got announced sometime whilst I was unconscious, so now I hustle to have a go at someone else's universe for the Foundry. Because it's their birthday.

I hope I do a decent enough job.

I need to look up the thing because I have drawn the last duck. I have no further excuses to not do the eventual game. EEEEEEEEEEEE...

Step One: Look up free app makers for Windoze. Accomplished.

Step Two: Get a good recommend from Beloved who knows way better than I. Not yet accomplished.

I'd best get on with things.