Challenge #03887-J235: Kind Hands of Faith

In the center of the town, a huge Temple of Helping Hands. An Academy of Magic is within the town, and children are brought to the temple starting at the age of 5 for baptism and to learn the ways of the Helping Hands. And who is it this entire rare town worships? The living god known as Wraithvine. His words are their codes of life itself. -- Anon Guest

These are the commandments of Wraithvine the Wanderer, so that we may build a better world.

First: If you do not care for yourself, you cannot care for others. See to your needs before you spend your energy and resources on others. Second: Do not pay your heart for your heart's desire. It is essential to know what you can sacrifice without harm. Third: Choose kindness. In all things, it is essential to consider. Fourth: You can say many great things with small words, and do many great things with two kind hands. You don't have to make big speeches or save the world. You can do so much more with "how can I help?" and washing the dishes. Fifth: Little benevolences are just as important as the big ones. Even making someone's day easier is a change for the better.

Those who join the Temple of Helping Hands vow to give help whenever they were capable. They take the example of Wraithvine and seek out any care they can give. They wander in sturdy shoes and simple robes. They gather what they can to give to what is needed. Their symbol is two outstretched hands. Higher ranking devotees have a patched wizarding hat added underneath.

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