Wednesday, Wordpress and Cat Food

I really need to hurry along and get the kitters some gooshy foods because (gasp!) we are out of the gooshies.

Horrible circumstance.

There's also dinner and a movie for the date tonight. Just about the only Marvel Hero I want to see on the screen any more besides the good old fuzzy blue Elf. Yeah we're watching the Ant Man movie.

So it's in my best interest to get a rattle on to get the important shopping done straight after I get my output settled.

I've seen a debate online that we should stop referring to our artistic offerings as "content" or "product" I mean, I've been thinking of my daily Instants as a kind of advertising budget. I spend X much time per diem making one sample of my writing to let folks know that I exist as a creator of various fantasies.

Wordpress is also a kind of advertising budget. Here's a glimpse of the inside of my head. Maybe you should take a look before you take me on because this enby nerd is going to, (a) keep doing this shit, and, (b) probably get worse.

The rest of my socials are just... me. I don't see the point of putting on a false face just to be different in person.

I don't know how to refer to my works when I share them online. Advertising feels a little blatant, content apparently lets the body corporate view me as a product. Output sounds about right. It's the stuff I put out there in the hopes of approval and income.

So let's get on with getting it out there.