Challenge #03699-J046: With a Smile

Pirate once captured - "Those eyes... those.. horrible... eyes... I see them, even when I sleep!"

Security officer to the human - "What in the name of all the powers did you DO to them?"

Human, shrugging - "Nothing abnormal, honest. When I capture pirates, all I do is look them in the eyes as I put the restraints on them, and smile."

Security officer to their superior - "We're going to need some serious meds here, soon, and therapists." -- Anon Guest

"Speak softly and with a smile," recited Human Saif as she escorted the last of the pirates to a minimalistic habitat cell. "And the world pay close attention." Then, to prove her point, she smiled.

It was not an offer of friendship, as most Human smiles were. This was not, I am baring my teeth so you can see I will not bite. This was, I am baring my teeth so you can see how sharp they are.

Officer Erl was paying very close attention, now that their former ally scared the living excrement out of them. Suddenly on guard against the otherwise friendly human. "Where the flakk did you learn to smile like that?"

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