Wednesday, Wordpress and Burnout

Feeling a little frazzled again this morning. Most of that due to a Bad Air Day. But taking a Mental Health Break may be in order. Or at least taking better Mental Health Measures until I feel more secure.

In this case, Doctor Me prescribes more Wifey Hugs, stat.

Another potential cure is starting a Secret Blog to talk about ALL of my mental bullshit when I'm going through it. I want to talk about my emotions without recriminations, so it won't be linked to all the rest of my nonsense.

Honestly, I think ninety percent of the anxiety I'm having right now is talking about it with the people responsible for making it a thing. Because I will become the bad guy and I feel terrible about being that. It's a whole process.

So... I'm starting something new today. Or tomorrow. Not under my usual aliases. Good luck finding it, I'm not advertising.

It's Date Night today. I do what I can when I can and I can do no better than that.

So let's have a story.