Challenge #03439-I151: One Last Hurrah

A rough topic, but just had this conversation with a coworker and it made me realize how alien the idea of "rallies" are. For those that don't know, a rally "is an unexpected return of mental clarity and memory, or suddenly regained consciousness that occurs in the time shortly before death".

A: (Excited and happy) "Do you two remember my friend that has been sick for the last few months? The one that they didn't think would make it? ...He woke up! They said he is even eating and talking to people! Isn't that great? He might even get to come home soon."

H1: "I am so sorry... What are you doing here? You need to be there with him."

A: "What do you mean? This is a good thing. He is getting better."

H2: "...It is called a "rally". We can explain on the way. I will drive."

We made it in time thankfully. He passed about 3 hours after we got there. -- SilverRey

Human Oz activated the siren. Human Zak removed the limiter and buckled Tyko into the padded seat. "Take your calm pills," said Oz, "We're driving like maniacs."

Tyko took their medicine as directed and, before the lassitude took their ability to talk, said, "I do not understand. Human Quen is improving."

"Yeah, you don't understand," said Oz, clinging to both safety harness and the roof of the vehicle as if her life depended on it. "The technical term is terminal lucidity, and it can happen just before a Human passes."

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