Wednesday (doonk doonk)

Halfway through the week and how does being busy help the time fly?

There's still a LOT of bread at home and I'm wondering whether to start gifting loaves to people [would they be grateful?] or just... keep the starters alive until we need bread again.

I'm pretty sure I can mail a loaf to MeMum with an overnight parcel. That'll be fun to watch.

I'll have to ask ppl if they actually want a loaf before I try sending them to anyone. Or even making them for anyone.

In my twitter feed, this morning, there were a bunch of USA right-wingers pointing loaded guns into their crotches [safety off, finger on trigger] to "own the libs" somehow about how safe firearms are. One such picture is behind a steering wheel with the spedo registering sixty-five miles per hour. Dude was taking a tackle-threat pic while driving and said pic necessitated zero hands on the wheel.

It's only a matter of time before one of these dummies shoots their joy department clean off.


What the flying fuck is wrong with people? The Muppet doesn't want to look weak and wear a mask, so he's potentially spreading the plague all over fucking PPE factory facilities. Like. WHAT. Is wrong. With folks in the USA?

It's bus o'clock. My chance to write words in novel looms.