Challenge #02694-G137: A Deserved Education

One of the Greater Deregulation planets found itself short of breeding stock and extended offers to girl's schools to come study abroad at their planet. St. Trinians accepted their offer. Greater Deregulation never saw what was coming next. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Since I really don't want to nick anyone else's IP, for my universe -excepting guest cameos- I shall have to use a St. Trinian's expy for this tale]

"They can't be serious," said Dame Lorx. "An extended offer to add school branches to their territories and foster girls? On a Deregger planet?"

"On a system of Deregger planets," Lady Fulsom pointed out. "They want to import girls so they can resume their manifest destiny," here pronounced, deporably distasteful dastardly deeds[1], "and otherwise attempt to outbreed anyone they dislike."

"If they want incubators, they can damn well make their own," scoffed Dame Lorx. "They're going to keep promising to sweeten the pot until some poor deluded souls actually take them up on their offers. We can't allow that to happen."

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