Wednesday, Day Zero, Things be fucked up

Two new cases today, taking the total up to seventeen. Definite rock-hidey time. Except the kitties will need a refresh of their kibbles, so going out for essential supplies is somewhere in my calendar.

Today is Wednesday, so part of my agenda is to capture a free-range Beloved and acquire their help in unfucking my Firefox issue. I may also consult about getting my iPad to act like a tablet for the software I own on Windoze. The screen mirror obliterated the pen pressure and made it all go sucky.

Learning the intricacies of modern technology is always a bit of a climb up the learning curve for me. If it doesn't act like I want it to - cliff. If it acts like I expect it to, I don't even notice. This has been a point of contention between myself and Beloved for some time. Figuring out the procedures is going to be "fun". Might save it for this Saturday. I'll ask first.

The world's going nuts and I have proof:

  • Medical professional deliberately sabotages 500 doses of the Astrazenica vaccine because he believes that it would mutate people's DNA. No, really
  • [Honestly, if it was a choice between looking like Nightcrawler or dying of Covid, I will take looking like Nightcrawler]
  • Plague detected in regional Queensland wastewater - alerting Cairns, Warwick, Stanthorpe and Loganholme
  • Fears of civil war rise as Muppet continues to refuse his defeat. Between potentially fleeing to Scotland and starting combat with the racist idiots as his army, the US has to choose between the man and the system. Fun
  • LA health officials release an order to EMT's to not treat people who are dying. This highlights how bad things are as supplies of oxygen are at an all-time low while people in crisis are at an all-time high
  • Conspiracy theorists are sharing the electric circuit diagram for a guitar pedal as a diagram for the 5G chip allegedly in the vaccine 9_9
  • Victoria urges other states to test all people coming in from overseas as they come in. I thought we were already doing that, but if we're not - we definitely should
  • Hotspots in NSW linked to one teenager driving across the breadth of NSW, starting at the outbreak hotspot, a cafe in Orange. She was going camping

AUGH. I am definitely posting fiction on my Wordpress today. Fuck this shit. Let's have some escapism.