Challenge #02916-G359: Doki Doki Kawaii Terror Owo

Dread it, run from it, anime arrive all the same. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have no context for the video this links to, and at this point I am afraid to ask. Video shows anime-style character announcing that soon, the entire world will be Anime]

They called it the Kawaiivirus, and it was sweeping the world. On paper, it sounded adorable, but once you actually saw a human transformed by it, you never wanted that to happen to you. The aesthetic of animation does not fit well with living flesh. Huge eyes, near-nonexistent noses, and mouths that could vary from tiny ticks to wide, all-encompassing maws... it was all horrible.

Scientists were evenly divided between finding a cure and methods of preventing infection for that exact reason. Of course, those already infected were more invested in the cure. Nobody wants to look that way in real life, even with access to Hammerspace and physics-defying bosoms with unachievable figures. The downside was that any female-identifying member of the Infected who wore skirts inevitably had their privacy violated by circumstance. Pants, naturally, became the hottest fashion choice among all those at risk.

Some people liked the infection, despite the disturbing end of the symptoms. Hammerspace evened out the dating game and almost ended domestic abuse overnight. People could summon their pent-up emotions and use them to effect others, the real world, or things in their aura. News events dealing with the inevitable aftermath of overpowered anime blasts, ready access to Hammerspace, and creepy emotion-driven influence were all over the place.

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