Wednesday, Day Zero, CHAOS!

Another case from overseas. Nine active cases. Nine chances for that one arsehole to be a dick. South Australia has had an outbreak linked to -join the chorus- a family of institution workers.

You'd think by now that they'd just regularly test the people who work at institutions, but nope. That's not a thing. If I was running things, I'd have noticed the pattern and acted accordingly.

The Muppet's lawyers have all quit except this one guy who also works as a radio host. This one dude is "expected to be prepared" when the Muppet himself has less than tissue-paper proof to support the lawsuits he's trying to run.

Ah, the schadenfreude is delicious. It's beautiful. Watching this wannabe dictator plummet into a destruction of his own making is so goddamned poetic and I'm loving it.

In the headlines:

  • Muppet wanted to nuke someone after his loss. I am so glad he's getting evicted
  • NRL star in hot water after sending his sex assault victim a confession about breaking into her place. Classy
  • Megacorps collecting your data will sell it to the US military before they give it to the police even for humanitarian causes like ending domestic abuse or paedophile rings. Classy
  • Michelle Obama tells Muppet to grow up and accept his defeat with grace
  • Muppet wails about the Georgia recount that he called for being "fake" and "meaningless" because they're not apparently verifying the signatures

In personal news, my sleep cycle is well and trully flakked to shit and gone. Stresses of today resulted in me conking out in the afternoon and waking up at ten PM the same night. It's now half three in the morning and I still can't sleep. Even my Undertow Mug of tea didn't do jack.


Might as well get something done for Wordpress Wednesday whilst I still remember what day it is.