Challenge #02869-G312: Tolerance Levels

Human A: "Try this!"

Human B: "Is it hot?"

Human A: "No."

Human B: "Your not hot, or my not hot?"

Human A: "'s not hot."

Human B: "..." takes a bite

Nonhuman Cremember: "Why is Human B crying while guzzling milk?"

Human A: "It's not hot!"

Human B: (takes a moment to stop guzzling milk)(snot and tears running down face) "I'm sensitive to capsaicin, and you eat raw ghost peppers for fun! Your 'not hot' is not my 'not hot'!" (goes back to drinking milk) -- Escla

Thaq summoned Companion Phrel with a relatively simple, "The Humans are at it again." It was ships' shorthand. The Humans needed an intervention from a rational cogniscent. Again. All the manuals said that Humans pack-bonded and needed at least one Human around to fulfil their societal needs, but this pair were continually battling.

Maybe they'd be better off getting a family set, next time. If they all survived to have a next time. These balding apes were nothing but trouble. If not to the crew, then certainly to each other.

Phrel arrived with hir go bag and took in the resultant scene. After a handful of seconds to assess the chaos, ze opened the bag and dug out a selection of small yellow cubes. One of these was administered to Human Bob with, "Here, suck on this."

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