Wednesday! Day 1!

Today's Wordpress is probably going to be about helping the Long Haulers adapt to their new normal. The Chronically Ill community is having a sudden influx of scared, confused, and possibly angry people who are suffering and they need an understanding voice.

Even if they listened to the Muppet, and caught the plague, it is still not their fault that they caught it. Blame lies on the advisor if anyone. Infectious diseases are non-descriminatory.

Today, I am keeping Discord over on another computer. It's an effort to (a) keep my main compy chugging along for another few days, and (b) maybe stop distracting myself for hours on end.

[Speaking of distractions, this blog has been interrupted by a Chaos Computer Crisis(tm) - everything on her desk has gone dark and none of the conscious people in the house can work out why]

I don't want to face the news right now. It's all going to shit. Including, it seems, the local interwebs.

I'm doing my best. 100 more words will enter KOSBOB today and I will slowly approach and eventually pass the 111K milestone. Which will mean three milestones to go until I am DONE with this book.


I keep saying it, but this year has been a looooooooooong century.

Yoiks and a-firkin-way, folks.