Wednesday, Day 0, Wordpress and Tech Support

Plague news: 1 158 new cases. All locals. 4 779 total active cases. 89 of those are in hospital.

Vax news:

  • Australia's at 94.2% first vax,
  • 91.2% fully vaxxed
  • Queensland's at 90.5% first vax,
  • 86.1% fully vaxxed
  • Western Australia's at 90.9% first vax,
  • 83.4% fully vaxxed

I'm starting to believe that maybe Omicron might be the variant to get... but I'd still rather wait until those miracle drugs are available before I take the risk.

IF the weather is willing, I shall be poddling out to MeMum's to assist with the dang speakers. We got a set with the wrong power adapter and it needs to go back to JB's for a working replacement. Whee. Or an adapter exchange. Whichever's better.

Which means that today's Wordpress entry may be happening tomorrow. Be prepared.

In the news:

  • Omicron has this nation in an official mess
  • We may have picked the wrong vaccine
  • WHO says hospitals could be overwhelmed with Omicron patients
  • Muppet friend Huge Jackass catches the plague. I hope this becomes a learning experience for him
  • Blind Prophet says we're going to meet aliens in 2022
  • Testing fuckup continues to spark a clusterfuck
  • Plague invades body in days, hangs around for months
  • Yet another Knomira throws a tantrum on a plane
  • Assassin with crossbow threatened the Queen. Did not succeed
  • Cyclone up near the pointy bit of Queensland
  • Boss gives worker a hard time for... [checks notes] wanting to be with her dying sister in her last moments. Of course this is happening in the USA
  • WA tells firebugs they're going to go to jail

And now I check on things, publish my things, and maybe prepare for the day.