Wednesday, Blog Entry and Anxiety

Beloved is likely under anaesthesia as I write these very words. Experienced surgeons are doing a job they have done thousands of times, belike. Today, I fill out the last thing on my pre-pitch checklist.

Which means that tomorrow, I start writing emails. And pitching.

...tomorrow, I'm likely to have finished chapter four HUNDRED of that brief little thing I started in 2022.

I think today's Weird Writer Wednesday is going to be all about my ideal progress towards fame and fortune. How I imagined it versus how it's going.

I might have been a bit thick. I'm perfectly willing to admit that I am a diddle daddle dummins. My childhood dreams are crumbling around me but I can also laugh about that biz.

I'm going to be an emotional wreck for a little bit. An anxious ball of wibbly wobbly writer tears.

Comfort and support are really welcome. And chocolate. Huge heaping piles of chocolate.