Tuesday, Patreon, Progress

The skip is gone and so is a lot of nonsense from our house. Huzzah.

We have an ice cream machine and my first attempt at making something cold and yummy was loaded with fail. Whee. I shall try again with a lot more reading ahead.


I have had a messed-up trapezoid muscle for literal DAYS. But now we have a microwave heat pack that is doing good things for me. Slowly. At least I can raise my hand above my head without twinges now.

Full free movement is going to take some time and re-application of the heat pack.

Today, I post Patreon things. Tomorrow, Beloved and I are having a Spa Day if I recall the order of things correctly. I will get a Wordpress work in there eventually.

No rush.

That's what I have to remember. No rush. This is not panic mode any more. This is not pinchpenny mode any more. We have money. We have time.

So we're going to take our time and get things right.

Starting with the daily tale.