Tuesday, Patreon and Workload

I have completed five more chapters of A Devil's Tale, so I'll be reading some of that rather than more of Adapting. I can only read one chapter of Adapting a day and have my throat still want to know me by nighttime. ADT has much shorter chapters so I can do five of those per diem.

I really borked the programming attempts with Stencyl, so I'll have to use screencaps to regress to the previous stage of nearly working. None of that for my Patrons, alas. Dang. At least there's still fanfic.

I'll probably post another bit from Sympathy on my Patreon today because I am very likely to forget that I already posted an episode this morning.

Speaking of episodes, I still haven't finished a thing for the Foundry. Working on that, too.

My attention is divided in fifteen different directions, and I kind of need some hugs or at least comfort food. At minimum a real indulgent nap.

If I can, I shall at least make a start with the 2K-word summary of Beauties before the end of the day.

I'll do the offerings first, and see how far I go thereafter.