Challenge #03950-J298: Truth is...

A demon lord, a dragon, and a wizard team up to fight against those that would harm the innocent. And, sadly, their main opponents tend to be those that claim their causes are "holy" and the innocent villages are the "guilty ones." Whatever happened to beings who claim to be of the light actually helping people? -- Anon Guest

[AN: There is only one Demon Lord, usually, and that's the one who lights the Blood Throne of Whitekeep. However, the Hellkin children of the ruler can also be known as Demon Lords. Which causes some confusion after Kosh breaks the family curse]

There were days when Pass kind of regretted his Adventurer Name. Using his full one might cause more trouble than it solved. Just like Dad had said, one was prone to panic first and regret it later.

None of his other siblings could tease him about it, either. They went through the exact same thing. Dad thought it was funny. He also thought that adventuring was a good thing for a Noble to undergo. Just to show them the truths of the real world.

The really annoying part was that Dad was right. People lied to Nobles all the time. White lies, honey-glazed and softened to the point of being near to unrecognisable. Pass was fast growing his Dad's innate knack for "filtering horseshit from haybales" as he put it. The Dragon and the Wizard were two very interesting truths that Pass had become very nervous about lately.

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