Tuesday, Patreon and PLNs

Today, one of my primary goals is working on my Twitch channel. Not just for my morning Instants, but also for the other stuff that's behind the curtain.

Working on my novel, tagging fics, prepping the pre-publishing nonsense, and the dungeon building for the upcoming second part of the campaign I'm running.

That's a lot of my day, all things considered.

I should also be working on sound bites and gimmicks for people to play with when I do stream. I might even fire up my Dark Audacity and mess about with bullshit.

...this was easier on the Apple, but I can't afford Apple any more.

I want to have a Dalek voice saying, "Punc-tu-ate! Punc-tu-ate! PUNC-TU-ATE!"

I want to have a recording of Jester saying, "Read it out loud..." from that bit where Beau read Tusk Love to the Mighty Nein.

I'm noodling with the idea of snippets from The Goon Show if I can get them. "This is the BBC" [coin in tin cup sound] "Thank you." - is number one on my list. Maybe not the entire "What time is it, Eccles?" bit. It's a smidge long and I have to be prepared to hear it until I'm sick of it.

Probably a bite from The Princess Bride, for when I use the wrong word. "I don't think it means what you think it means."

I need to find them and get them, first. Then figure out how to make them be a thing. Or figure out the easiest one and work outwards from there.

It's a "fuck around and find out" day for me.

After I get going with today's tale.