Tuesday, Patreon, and mor floods

The school's still closed, and so are a lot of roads. If I was in charge of the country, I'd have as many road repair crews as possible out there and fixing all the potholes that have emerged thanks to the rain. BUT I'm not in charge. More's the pity.

Today on Patreon: More chapters of Kingdom of Sand trickle down to the $1 tier, I have another page of information for my highest donors in regards to Alfarell, the world I'm making on World Anvil, and then even more of A Devil's Tale to share.

Once I'm done with that, I shall be decorating even more bits of the dungeon I'm building for my players to dragon in.

When I am done with that, I shall probably write another article for Alfarell.

Then it shall be time for farting about. Because I need to relax.