Tuesday, Patreon and Continuing On

I had myself a little micro-meltdown last night. Chiefly related to the fact that I can't do anything of merit when it rains because everything requires the internet.

I ended up sleeping twice last night. Finishing off chapter 322 in the middle of the night. Literally.

Thank Grop that my lappy lets me edit offline.

I've done my Patreon stuff, posted the Fediverse meme, and am plotting to take further steps towards learning how Stencyl works before sinking my teeth (haha) into playing some Baldur's Gate 3.

I am going to stick with one player character and get into Act 2 so help me...

[Joke's on me, I'm going to start half a dozen alts to try other timelines with and I know it]

I have a story ready to publish and I shall get right on that after this.

Thereafter, to wrangle Stencyl.

Let's get on with getting on with it.