Tuesday, Onwards with the Offerings

Yesterday was a marathon.

  • Load the car with the full orange bags ready for a cans run
  • Get ready for the day, including Torture Shoes for the betterment of my train wreck body
  • Do the Tale Foundry backup reads
  • Take off for a long, long drive to the cans place
  • Two trips with the trolley to cash in all the cans, come up $20 shorter than normal because someone didn't crush their containers
  • Offski to Costco to fetch TP and Nori
  • Thereafter offski to the more local shops to go find several other things. Part of which included going to every dollar shop in the area in search of the thing(tm)
  • Did I mention I was wearing my Torture Shoes?
  • After a LOT of walking around, I not only found the thing(tm) but a few other things for the fam. Which required some remote input
  • I also had lunch during the process, which made me crucially aware of how bad my feet hurt
  • Got half the results from my queries and went ahead with that
  • Also got some groceries
  • Went TF home and unpacked
  • Got more results from my queries
  • Did my offerings and then went to fulfil the entire fetch quest.

Small wonder I was absolutely ratfaced by the end of the day.

I only forgot one thing. The one thing I promised to Miss Chaos. Thank grop she's patient.

I have zero inclination to put on my Torture Shoes again for just one thing. I'd like a day of relative rest.

...and I'm resting by getting my offerings from my head to your eyes and ears.