Tuesday - Day Three

The school week starts up again, and that means I should be getting a wriggle on with KOSBOB once more. Heading slowly but steadily towards the 114K goal... then setting my sights on 117K. If I may quote a Disney movie, I am almost there.

The news today is all about the Muppet and the health crisis he could have avoided if he wasn't (a) wilfully ignorant, (b) obsessed with being in the spotlight, or, (c) more concerned with how the stock market would take it rather than the greater good of the people.

It's no great shock that trump.com [not a real website] is selling merch related to his sickness [pray for him], his recovery [he beats covid commemorative coin] and his likely demise [in memorium commemorative coin]. All available for way more money than you'd ever want to give. Also no great shock is the fact that hucksters are using this to generate money for his campaign.

Speaking of money... the IRS are looking into his years of shenanigans and figure he owes one hundred million in taxes and other sources say he has three hundred million in loans due. I've heard from other places that the total he's owing is closer to one billion dollars [cue Doctor Evil screencap]. Which is one among the many reasons why I want him to recover from the plague.

This is the first time in living memory that the Repugnicans have had consequences for both actions and inactions. I want it driven home that there is no evil they do that will not turn up on their doorstep. Watching their golden boy tarnish in real time is going to make an impact.

The Muppet left the hospital whilst still infectious to go ride around in the Presidential limo [thus putting his security detail and chauffeur at risk of catching the plague] so he could wave at the crowds and prove he's still alive. He followed this with a tweetstorm about the election. It did not go over very well.

The steroid he's on can cause a number of side effects including water retention, weight gain, glaucoma, cataracts, osteoporosis, memory issues and mood disorders. Fun. It's also something they only give the severe cases, despite the sunshine and daisies public announcements.

The faked pictures are a clusterfuck of errors. They didn't scrub the metadata. They released pictures that should have been released on different days during one day. People can zoom in and see that the Muppet is viewing or signing blank pieces of paper. It's like they didn't even try at all.

They say he's going to leave hospital today. What they don't say is how there's a small hospital inside the Whitehouse and there's a high chance they're just shifting him there. The references to Weekend at Bernies abound.

Another way this plague has bit the Repugnican arse is that some of the senators about to vote in a judge in their favour have to quarantine because they were exposed. Some have even tested positive. It's things like this that make me believe that evil truly does sow the seeds of its own destruction.

Pity it has to take so many of the good and innocent down with it.

Story soon.