Tuesday - Day Five

Good things have happened. Hilarious things have happened. Tension is still in the air and there is dancing in the street. Biden won, Muppet refuses to say anything about it, and what was meant to be a concession speech happened in a parking lot between a crematorium and a dildo store.

Sometimes, in my more paranoid moments, I wonder if the right-wing is purposefully appearing to be incompetent, so as to soften the image of their impact to the left. Sure, we all get a chuckle out of their voter fraud hotline and the aforementioned carpark, but it is it a smokescreen for the evil they do off camera?

That's a rant for another day, maybe. The wounds are still fresh right now.

I'm going to stick to fiction, and that goes for my Wordpress as well. It'll be A Chapter Of... and I still have some content from my unpublished novels that could go up there, or another one from Lust of the Demon Lord. I'll flip a coin.

In the news:

  • Alex Trebek, game show host, has died
  • Putin unhappy about the Muppet
  • Covid vaccine has had "a major success" in the latest phase of trials
  • Biden trolls the Muppet in victory photo, sporting a cap that reads We Just Did
  • Muppet plots to hold rallies reading the obits of dead voters
  • Macca's employee reveals that there's not much volume difference between the cup sizes
  • Fast food chain In-N-Out Burger in legal battle with Aussie fast food chain In-N-Out Burger
  • Politicians revealed to be having sordid affairs with staffers
  • Katy Perry slammed for promoting reconciliation with Muppet voters
  • Ivanka allegedly slated to run for president in 2024
  • Coffee question on high school test stumps baristas

Australia has a couple of new glider possums, aawww cute. Their habitat is under threat. Not so cute. Also the lack of trees in ever-spreading suburbia does not help the overall summer temperature impact. Shocker. If only these things could be solved the same way...

Is it any wonder I turn to fiction?