Tuesday, Day 3, Patreon

Plague news: no new cases. Twenty-two total active cases, fifteen are in hospital. Australia's at 86.8% first vax, 73% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 75%first vax, 60.7% fully vaxxed. We need to get the firkin lead out.

I have Patreon posts to make today. Some chapters and a Tale Foundry entry, but not a lot for the dollar tier.

My patrons are going to get a sneak peek of the road trip variant of my Chaos Table.

My battle today is staying awake because spotty damn sleep issues. Awake at 3AM, made the mistake of trying to go back to sleep. I am a gold-plated fool.

In the news:

  • Deets of the Baldwin set shooting emerge
  • Strife in Sudan
  • New working week expected to be shorter
  • Leaked documents expose Zuckerberg
  • Cleo may have been snatched
  • Antivaxxers vandalize a cafe
  • Ice cream truck spills on highway. Traffic is expected to be sticky until sundae ;)
  • Missing hiker screened calls from rescuers
  • There's a flesh-eating venereal disease
  • Areas of Aus to suffer because Climate Change

And now it's time to throw Chaos on a bus.