Tuesday, Day 1, Patreon

Plague news: 11 total cases, ten in hospital. There may or may not be a sudden leap in these numbers because system maintenance.

It's Patreon Day again, and I have no idea what I'm posting. Yaaaaayyy...

Last night was HELL for me. I've had persistent hip pain that may or may not be caused by a killer combo of sitting very still on the kneeling chair plus sitting cross-legged for absolute HOURS also motionless. I need to be kinder to my musculature. I also have a bad air day today because this nerd was too tired to refill the humidifier when it ran out of water... just as I was going for beddie-byes.


And because I'm rat-faced tired, I'm also very easily distracted and may or may not get things done at all today. Woo.

In case you can't tell, this is sarcastic cheering.

All I want to do is sleep. Or have a hot bath and then sleep. Or sleep and then have a hot bath and then nap. Yes, I'm that dang tired.

Plus side: I have caffeine pods. I have re-stocked the vegemite with a bucket that weighs nearly a kilo [me: why did they choose 950g?] and I have all the stuff necessary to fix the doors in this house of mine.

I also have a spouse with an incredible amount of inertia. I made bread last Friday and there's still one loaf awaiting their eagle eye and steady hand to turn it into slices.

I can not deal with looking at the news this morning.


Not the greatest morning, but still better than dead.