Tuesday, Day 0, The Shuffle On

Not only do I have Patreon nonsense to organise today, but I also have my new glasses ready and a Miss Chaos to outfit for the school year ahead. Also a new episode of Critical Role dropped on YouTube so you know I'm going to binge me some D&D.

Currently, waiting for the shops to open whilst getting my mandatory creative nonsense done. Soon on my agenda is a lot of copy-pasta to get the Patreon stuff out there at minimum. I can, have, and will take as long as I like to get the Instant Story done. The D&D binge is a reward to keep me motivated, though. I might actually want to get things wriggling.

Shuffling. Whatever.

I'm not looking much at the news today. For the benefit of my sanity.

In Plague news, there's one new case from overseas, and the total case number is at twenty-five. I'd hide under my rock, but I have to go places and do things. Starting with getting dear darling daughter dressed and ready for the day.

Let's carpe this diem.