Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon and PLNs

Plague news: Two new cases, both imports. Twenty-seven total active cases, with twenty-three in hospital.

Tomorrow's the day I get my first Pfizer jab. I'm going to get a post-stuck portrait with a thumbs' up and pointing out the jab site.

Hashtag not a wifi hotspot.

Today, following the Patreon post, I take my edits for Adapting and try to hammer a better novel out of it. All on my only.

I must recite: "This is improving my book, this is not an attack." Because anxiety is a bitch.

In the news:

  • Doomsday plague variant detected in South Africa. It's called C12 and I blame capitalism for keeping the vaccines out of the third world
  • Victoria admits that they may never get to zero cases if the Knomiras keep pulling their bullshit. A poll on the very same page shows that 72% of people think we need to live with the virus. PEOPLE DIE WITH THE VIRUS, KNOMIRA!
  • Five fucking idiots tested positive to the plague and decided to meet maskless in public
  • China billionaire now an unperson and vanishes from China's records
  • Yet ANOTHER plague denier falls victim to the plague
  • Oxygen supplies are running out
  • More cases means more shutting down
  • Derail swooping season by feeding our shy and retiring wildlife

And now... more of my nonsense.