Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon

Plague News: TEN new cases, one local, nine imports. There's fifty-six total active cases, twenty-eight of those are in hospital. Australia's at 93% first vax, 89% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 88% first vax, 81% fully vaxxed.

I am posting Patreon nonsense today, and since I now have some money - I also have PLNs to get some stuff. Yay.

The mower guy attacking our yard has yet to return, leaving his busted mower in situ whilst -I presume- he goes and finds a new fan belt.

I have some PLNs to at least rake up the cut grass all over the yard. Pacing myself. No sense wearing myself out for this.

In the news:

  • Why are Aussies fleeing toxic jobs? It's right there on the tin, brah
  • NSW still trying to contain the plague when the state's full of Knomiras
  • Maxwell believes Epstein was murdered. That's one thing she shares with most of the Interwebs
  • Chicken farmers turn to selling pot
  • UK records first death from Omicron
  • New internet cable coming to Australia
  • Heatwave for Xmas

And now, I get on with getting on.